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Saturday, January 19 2019
Another Scammer bites the dust

As we go into the 11th season of The Big H Radio Show, the production team has had cause to reflect on the successes we have had over the years as a radio magazine.  This is the term we have coined for the kind of shows that Richard J Hannah hosts.  The bits and pieces shows.  Some music, news, comedy, audio drama, a rant or two, shout outs, heart warming stories and of course, exposing scam artists.  In the past the research team has found the stories and brought them to the management team and scriptwriters.  The stories are carefully researched and delivered in the Richard J Hannah style.  During this season we bring you an unusual scam because it was one perpetrated on the host himself, and he was not aware of it for over 12 years.

A wannabe TV Presenter from Paddington who called herself Charles Seven ( real name Wendy John Charles) had met our host over 16 years ago at a production company open day.  hannah recalls the meeting because Charles had impressed upon him that she had highly valuable TV formats for sale.  It turned out that she was trying to flog tired old formats already in existence for over 30 years.  Charles was forgotten.  Unbeknownst to Hannah , Charles created a hoax scenario where she claimed that her ideas were stolen by those present at the open day.  Over time Charles embellished the story to claim that she had taken Hannah and 8 others to court and won a £100m case and that to stop her from collecting her award Hannah and his team of co conspiracists had perpetrated global atrocities such as the 7/7 bombing, the Charlie Hebdo attack and even created TV programmes to scare her in to silence.  In 2006 she was so emboldened by the lack of challenge that she took the matter to the High Court where it was unceremoniously struck out.

Charles has gone on to:

  • Falsify court tapes
  • Create 30 hours of YouTube Video endeavouring to promulgate her story
  • Falsified Witness statements
  • Claimed she is being gang stalked and that there have been attempts on her life

Hannah's response was typical, he poked fun at the unfortunate Charles.  However, on the fringes of social media and witha few rather eccentric american supports, Charles arries on her scam to this day.  Taking money from the gullible and  inveigling herself in any atrocity claiming it is linked to her and what she calls 'Sevengate'.  The story has been thoroughly debunked and Charles has failed to achieve even a modicum of mainstream interest, however, Hannah will take the time during the series to discuss "what makes a person lie for 15 years" and the impact of Social media on those who scam for a living like Charles.

The research team found Charles was typical of all the scammers we have previous exposed a liar, a benefits cheat and more than a little deluded.

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